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Letter to the Editor: Hypocrisy Exists All Over, Not Just in One Party

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I must respond to the letter concerning Democrats and possible hypocrisy (“Democrats Believed Kavanaugh’s Accusers, Not Bill Clinton’s,” Advocate, Dec. 13).

Hypocrisy is not confined to one political party or people. Coupled with a desire for power, the temptation to paint an opponent in the most negative light while posing as a paragon of virtue is too often irresistible.

In the Clinton era, the Republicans were quick to accuse President Bill Clinton of any and every manner of misdeeds. However, when the Republicans were baying for his removal because of his affair with an intern, they discovered the use of the media is a two-edged sword. Through it the sins of their congressional leadership came to light. Public distaste wound up directed at both sides.

As for the debate over the allegations concerning Justice Brett Kavanaugh, what seems to have been lost in the rhetorical fire is the sad fact that sexual assault, whether perpetrated against a female or a male, remains one of the most unreported and unprosecuted of crimes. In the name of partisanship, this is either heatedly denounced in the name of the current#MeToo movement or dismissed with the traditional wink and nod of “boys will be boys.’’ Shouting from the extremes doesn’t deal with the issue.

Since many are quick to refer to Scripture to support their position, remember Jesus indicated that before a person criticizes his neighbor for the mote in his eye, the critic should be sure to remove the one in his own.


Rapho Township

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