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Letter to the Editor: Getting 30-Gallon Trash Cans to Match New Law Isn’t Easy

I am still of the opinion that there needs to be public comment before and after the Elizabethtown Borough Council deliberates on agenda items. The Sept. 6 Elizabethtown Borough Council work session meeting was a perfect example. Marc Hersey, president of the Council, allowed public comment before, during, and after the meeting. Most of the public comment was directed to the approval or rejection of Ordinance No. 987 amending portions of Chapter 20, Solid Waste of the Code of Ordinances. Borough Manager Roni Ryan contributed to the civil discourse in the council chamber alleviating fears of large fines in the form of quick tickets and assuring education will always come first.

The debate seemed to center around the number of 30-gallon bags or containers that households would need to use for their trash. Councilor Jeffrey K. McCloud in Ward 2 observed that the three-bag families were not will represented but there were a number of one bag families that gave public testimony in favor of one bag. Despite the fact that the bid had already gone out to the vendors for bid a compromise was reached of two 30-gallon bags or containers per household.

Wanting to be a good citizen, I drove to J.B. Hostetter & Son in Mount Joy to pick up a 30-gallon container and some 30-gallon bags. They didn’t have any so I drove to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and they didn’t have any 30-gallon containers or bags either. The only thing I could buy was a 32-gallon container and a box of 50 30-gallon bags. This issue may need to be clarified in Ordinance No. 987. I will keep my receipt in case I have to return them to be in compliance with the ordinance.



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