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Letter to the Editor: Elizabethtown Should Take Action on Climate Change

Elizabethtown is the gem of northwestern Lancaster County. We are a beautiful community, surrounded by vibrant agriculture and sustained by our hardworking and community-minded citizens. If we hope to keep our community growing and healthy, our town absolutely must take action on climate change, to protect our farms, our homes, and our community.

It has been clearly established through scientific consensus that the climate is changing and that our actions are contributing to that change. It’s also clear that all communities have the tools necessary to take steps to reverse or slow what would be a cataclysmic change in the world as we know it. More intense and dangerous storms, extended droughts, and scarcity of food and water are all forecast if we do not take steps now. This is not some long into the future problem; this is something many of us will experience in our lifetimes and that our children and grandchildren are sure to suffer from if we remain passive.

I am writing to urge the borough and Mayor Mummert to join with cities and mayors across the country in adopting a plan to combat climate change and emissions in our town. Despite the president’s recent action to remove our country from a global partnership to protect the climate, thousands of U.S. towns, businesses, and universities of all sizes have been standing up to say, “We’re Still In.” I know we have the tools to protect our families, our town, and our world, so let’s show that we have the will before it’s too late.

MARY AUKER-ENDRES, Elizabethtown

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