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Letter to the Editor: Clearing Up Misperceptions About Dog Adoption Center

Almost Home Dog Adoption Center is eager to meet approval from Conoy Township supervisors and begin offering Lancaster County residents and dog lovers a new approach to dog adoption. As a nonprofit organization, our mission is saving and enriching dogs’ lives through education, care, and adoption. Almost Home is dedicated to finding a home for every dog.

The Advocate’s Nov. 30 article (“Dog Adoption Center Plan Has Neighbors Worried About Noise”) contained several inaccuracies and misperceptions of the center that we wish to correct. The priority for Almost Home is the acceptance and adoption of Lancaster County dogs – not dogs from outside the county. While exceptions will be made, Almost Home expects that most of the dogs in the center will be from Lancaster County and most of them will be dogs surrendered by their owners. We will work with the owners first to see if these dogs can remain safely with them with some additional training and support services, but if not, we will work diligently and tirelessly to find new owners who can provide the dogs with loving, permanent homes.

While dogs are temporarily living at Almost Home, they will be surrounded with love – sheltered in a retreat-like environment with softer lighting, glass-enclosed rooms, solid walls, and individual run areas that are walled between each dog’s area and covered with a shingled roof. Every step in the planning and construction process is designed to maximize the dogs’ comfort, reduce their stress, minimize any disturbance to neighbors, and enrich the dogs’ lives, and thereby, their contentedness. Almost Home will be a good neighbor to dogs and to the residents of our community.

Ample, open space in the rear of the center will enable the dogs to play and exercise under trained supervision periodically during the day in a beautiful, southern-exposure, tree-lined country setting. The dogs will never be chained up outside nor allowed continuously to be outdoors. Almost Home staff will screen the dogs prior to acceptance for behavior, temperament, and medical condition. After acceptance, they will be well fed, properly vaccinated, loved, and cared for until they are adopted into loving, permanent homes.

We intend to purchase a 17-acre plot near the intersections of Route 441 and Scuba Drive with the possibility of building the center in phases with Phase One anticipated to finish in fall 2018 with a maximum occupancy of 34 dogs. When all phases are completed, we will temporarily house a total of 56 dogs with an expected complement of approximately 10 full-time employees, 22 part-time employees, and volunteers.

As a nonprofit, we will seek support from the private sector to fund the construction and ongoing operational costs of the center. With the generous support of our community, we will be able to maintain a state-of-the-art adoption center as well as provide food, shelter, medical treatment and love to dogs while they await their forever homes. Together, we will make a positive difference in the lives of dogs.

We look forward to being kind and thoughtful temporary stewards of homeless dogs in Lancaster County and to finding them forever homes with loving, new owners. And, we can’t wait to meet and be great neighbors to the residents of Conoy Township.


KEN RICE, Chairman

EILEEN MACK, Executive Director

Almost Home Dog Adoption Center

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