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Letter to the Editor: Change the Constitution to Get Big Money Out of Politics

During the 2016 election, nearly $6.5 billion was spent by political parties, candidates and political action committees. Polling shows that 80 percent of the American public believes corporations shouldn’t have the same rights as people.

Already in the 2018 election season, we have a Paul Ryan-affiliated super PAC with an office in Lancaster. The Koch brothers are now dumping dollars on Democrats to snub their normal Republican drones. PACs like the Senate Majority PAC and Congressional Leadership Fund only exist to stack the deck against the spending power of opposing private interests. This is a dollar-for-dollar match where the winner takes our representation, but to whom do they owe this victory?

The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only. The spending of money is not free speech. Government should limit political contributions to ensure that all citizens have access to the political process.

These are the concepts behind the We the People Amendment (HJR 48), which has been introduced as a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives. This constitutional amendment is what’s needed to ensure that our country is not controlled by a handful of the rich elite and their limitless spending capability.

As we move forward in the 2018 elections, I encourage us all to contact our elected officials. Discuss this with candidates seeking office. Ask them whom they work for and if theysupport HJR 48.



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