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Letter to the Editor: Candidate Describes Why She’s Running for Pa. Legislature

It’s time to drain the swamp on the Susquehanna. In Harrisburg, legislators are beholden to few rules when it comes to transparency. There is no limit to the gifts they can accept or to their campaign contributions. They can spend discretionary money without itemized receipts, and select their own voters to keep their seats safe from challenge.

From Bainbridge to Columbia and Mount Joy the people of the 98th legislative district know that government only truly serves the people when it is open and transparent. We know that when our families write the rules, legislators work for us, not their top donors or their party.

My opponent has worked for almost 16 years in Harrisburg. He frequently states that he votes with his constituents in mind — yet he has not supported HB 722 which gives the power to draw legislative district lines to the citizens of the commonwealth, and not the legislators themselves, as it is currently. A majority of Pennsylvanians support this and the bill has many cosponsors from both parties. My opponent is not one of them.

That is why I am making several pledges to the people of the 98th — to not accept gifts and to support a gift ban; to support open, accessible elections including for independent voters; to refuse money from dirty energy companies and their executives; to work to remove big money from politics; and to re-focus the priorities of our state government on the people of Pennsylvania by supporting HB 722. All of this is in addition to my promises to serve a limited number of terms and to refuse a state pension until the retirement of every Pennsylvanian is secure.

Hard-working families know that their representation matters. Let’s demand more from those who represent us.



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