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Letter to the Editor: Advocate’s Coverage of Global Religion News Welcome

As a weekly reader of The Elizabethtown Advocate, I find your weekly news coverage to be both readable and thoroughly informative on many levels from your recent local coverage of the Elizabethtown Memorial Day Service and Parade held on Monday, May 28, to your current coverage of global news on the religious front.

The AP article in the religion section of the Advocate reported Pope Francis’s address to Italy’s bishops on Monday May, 21, citing his alarm by the “hemorrhaging of priests and nuns in Italy and Europe.” He said, “God only knows how many seminaries, monasteries, convents, and churches will closebecause fewer people are being called to lives of religious service.”

Hemorrhage is a medical term for bleeding in a very fast and uncontrolled way that can result in death. I can only imagine the Pope’s reaction to Ireland’s vote by a roughly two-to-one margin Friday, May 25, 2018 to end a constitutional ban on abortion as reported by Gregory Katz in his AP article headlined “Some Irish Catholics Worried, Dismayed After Abortion Vote.” A photo by William Murphy showed both male and female abortionrights supporters overjoyed by the Republic of Ireland’s vote to repeal its constitutional ban on abortion. Using the analogy of “hemorrhaging” the Pope would have to conclude that Ireland has just sustained a major cerebral hemorrhage of the brain. In other words, a stroke that will result in Ireland’s use of medical procedures to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus.

Which brings me full circle to your timely and thoughtprovoking editorial, “We Must Be Vigilant About Abuses of Human Rights.” Rabbi Tanya Ruttenberg wrote on Twitter on Friday, May 25: “We can’t any of us fix it all. But we can band together to bring more and more light.”



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