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Letter: Dog Adoption Kennel Will Make Neighbors Barking Mad

This letter is in response to the article about “Almost Home” dog adoption kennel. This business is a nonprofit 501(c)3. This facility for 66 dogs is proposed to be built on River Road directly across from 11 residences with families. The proposed plot is zoned “agricultural,” but this does not mitigate the negative, adverse impact on the residents across the street.

These family properties were just assessed with an average increase of 30 to 35 percent. We, the residents, believe this dog kennel will have a tremendous negative impact on our property value due to 66 dogs barking continuously. Peacefully enjoying the outdoors, barbecues and family gatherings will be a thing of the past. As most residents are dog owners, we all know how a few barking dogs can ruin our peaceful community. A kennel of 66 barking dogs is incomprehensible.

After reviewing the kennel plans and our township’s engineering report, we don’t believe this can be built in compliance with the dog barking (noise) and nuisance ordinance. Aside from affecting our quality of life, we know this will devalue our properties. Even though defined as “nonprofit” and paying no taxes, this kennel will be in the business of selling dogs.

We had hope one of your reporters would contact the residents about our concerns and investigate this story, since a reporter was present at the township meeting four weeks ago and spoke to me with no follow-up.




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