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Elizabethtown Area High School Conducts Mock Job Interviews

Dozens of local business and community leaders recently took part in Elizabethtown Area High School’s annual Mock Interview Day. The goal of the program was to help students sharpen their interview and job-readiness skills. The simulation provided a “real world” experience the students will soon face and is an important piece of the school’s Pathways Program.

Occurring in a non-threatening environment, the experience helped the students to better understand the process of applying and interviewing for a job. The students spent nearly fifteen minutes being interviewed by one of the volunteers. Following the exercise, the students were provided with immediate verbal feedback from their interviewer. To prepare for the interviews, the students prepared a portfolio that included a cover letter, resume, and reference list.

A second round of mock interviews is planned on Tuesday, Feb. 27, and volunteers are needed. Anyone who is interested in helping students become better prepared for the workforce by volunteering to be an interviewer may contact Jackie Spittal by phone at 717-367-1533, ext. 21106 or by email at

The Pathways Program helps students focus their academics on an area of interest and possible career path. It promotes student exploration and a way to organize instruction, academics, and work-based learning programs. It helps students see a connection between what they learn within the classroom and the skills they need for success in their adult lives and the work world.

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