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Editorial: GOP Chairman Should Insist on Debates for All Campaigns

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf ought to accept challenger Scott Wagner’s call for another debate. Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio made case for it in a statement released by the party on Monday, Oct. 8.

“Voters across Pennsylvania deserve a side-by-side comparison of the candidates they are choosing between and that is best accomplished by a true debate with a full vetting of the issues,” Mr. DiGiorgio said.

Mr. DiGiorgio is correct. But if he really believes that, he should be telling that to his own party’s candidates. Far too many Republican incumbents across Pennsylvania are doing precisely what Mr. Wolf is doing — trying to run out the clock and avoid engaging with their opponents.

Incumbents of all political parties like to do this. But there’s something especially wrong when a state party chairman urges the governor to agree to a true debate but will not urge his own party’s candidates to do the same thing.

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