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Editorial: Get Facts Before Forming Opinions on Public Projects

Usually, when local governments do something, there’s a logical reason behind it. Reasonable people might disagree, but there’s almost always some rationale to their actions that can be seen by anyone bothering to look or ask.

Unfortunately, plenty of people prefer to speculate and spread rumors instead. Take, for example, the construction going on in Mount Joy Township along Beverly Road between Hershey Road and Koser Road.

For years, the township has been planning a park there. The construction work there is to make it a reality. There is a shortage of fields in the region for all the amateur sporting events going on and it makes sense to build a public park to address this. Also, the park borders the Conewago Recreational Trail, which is a popular path that lacks adequate parking in the area near Hershey and Koser roads. The park’s parking area will provide trail users with a safe place to get out of their cars and onto the trail instead of having to park along busy roads with fast traffic.

Sadly, some people keep spreading rumors on social media and elsewhere. No, it is not a big-box retailer going in there. It is a park. Yes, a park there will mean changes to traffic patterns, so it’s perfectly reasonable to raise concerns, but it’s important to get facts straight first.

Municipal staffers as well as elected officials are usually happy to answer questions about this sort of thing, which is one way to get information about the plan. But things like the park plan have been reported in the Advocate repeatedly. The information is also available on the township’s website for anyone interested.

An old saying often attributed to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan is appropriate: Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Let’s all get our facts right before discussing the merits of construction projects. Spreading crazy rumors does nobody any good.

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