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Editorial: Borough Should Consider Permanent Truck Restrictions

There might be one good thing to come from the flooding and other problems that have delayed work on the Market Street Bridge. The original plan was to have it closed for two weeks, then to reopen the route with two-way traffic during periods of heavy use such as rush hour and flaggers stopping traffic in one direction at a time at other times until work is finished. But when the bridge didn’t reopen as scheduled, police decided they had to do something about trucks using narrow borough streets instead of the state roads called for in the official detour.

Police established temporary traffic restrictions, banning commercial vehicles from certain streets except for local deliveries. And it worked: Police were no longer being called to assist truck drivers who had gotten stuck on narrow streets.

Police only have the power to impose temporary restrictions of this type; permanent ones must be approved by the elected Borough Council. And this is something the Elizabethtown Borough Council should look into doing.

Narrow, residential streets are no place for giant tractor-trailers unless they are making local deliveries. But sometimes the drivers use them anyway, often because misguided GPS instructions tell them to. The Borough Council should consult with police, with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and with anyone else willing to offer expertise to see if permanent restrictions on commercial vehicles would be beneficial on more borough streets.

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