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Conoy Supervisors Discuss Flooding Problems

Conoy Township supervisors discussed a variety of problems that developed due to recent rainstorms.

Mark Kimmich spoke to supervisors during the public comment period about drainage problems at his home near Bainbridge Elementary School. He told supervisors at their meeting on Thursday, Aug. 9, that the water coming off nearby streets during rainstorms is now causing sinkholes in his yard.

Supervisors Chairman Stephen L. Mohr told Kimmich that the township had Hanover Engineering monitor the situation; the engineering firm has determined so far that new blacktop from construction work at the school has not made the problem worse.

“I appreciate somebody doing something,” Kimmich said.

Emergency Management Coordinator Wayne Southard said he recently made two visits to one household at the southern end of the township about a sinkhole there. He said that house had 18 inches of water in the basement from recent storms. A hill behind the house is channeling water toward the house, Southard said.

Mohr said the storms have been especially hard on township roads. Part of Risser Road has been reduced to one lane because of storm damage, he said.

“Every week we’re repairing roads that have been damaged by floods, water, rain, whatever,” Mohr said.

Mohr said the township will cooperate with Lancaster County in assessing how much damage came from recent storms to see if the county qualifies for federal disaster assistance, but he said he did not expect the county to qualify. He said damage was similar to what happened in 2011 during Tropical Storm Lee and Lancaster County did not qualify for federal disaster aid then.

In other business, bids for a variety of road projects are to be opened on Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Hanover Engineering office; supervisors plan to vote on which bids to accept at a special meeting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 29. Mohr said the township is soliciting bids on more projects than it will contract for; once bids are in, the township will decide which projects will be done soon and which will be put off for later.

Also, supervisors agreed to purchase a skid loader from Messick’s Farm Equipment at a special government discounted price of $44,961. Mohr said the loader will be used frequently by the township sewer system; supervisors agreed tentatively to take the money from the sewer fund and consider later whether some of it should come from another fund.

Supervisors also held a hearing about a change to the township’s zoning ordinance to clarify what is allowed in the agricultural zone, then voted unanimously to approve the change. Township Solicitor Matthew J. Creme Jr. said the change defines what a farm occupation is as well as criteria for allowing a farm occupation in the agricultural zone.

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