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‘Beards for Brothers’ Generates Donations for Charitable Cause

Some of the Elizabethtown police officers may look a little different by the end of November. For the second consecutive year, Elizabethtown police officers will be participating in the “Beards for Brothers” campaign that raises money for a charitable cause.

During the month of November, the Elizabethtown Police Department will be suspending the facial hair policy to allow officers to participate in this charitable cause. Here is how it works: Officers donate $25 toward the cause, that donation authorizes the officer to grow facial hair during the month of November; however, if the officer wishes to trim, groom or shave the facial hair prior to the end of the month, the officer must contribute another $25 toward the cause.

Mayor Chuck Mummert and Chief Jack Mentzer authorized this campaign stating that it is for a worthy cause and that it allows the officers to do something a little bit out of the ordinary. However, the mayor and chief wanted citizens to know and understand why they may be seeing police officers with a little extra facial hair. Other Lancaster County police departments participating in the 2017 campaign are Akron Borough, Columbia Borough, East Hempfield Township, Lancaster City, Millersville University, Strasburg Borough, West Hempfield Township and West Lampeter Township.

The money from this year’s Beards for Brothers campaign will be donated to “A Week Away” as the recipient. A Week Away coordinates and pays for a week of respite for families who are battling a life-threatening illness. This is to provide rest, recuperation, and a sense of normalcy from a planned vacation in order to give hope for the family to continue their battle.

A photo of the fuzzy-faced fuzz is planned at the end of November. Citizens may contribute at

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