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Bear Creek Sixth Graders Act Out Historic Figures

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Tutankhamun, Attila the Hun, Homer, Leonidas, Moses, Socrates and many more notable figures of the ancient world graced the hallways of the Bear Creek School as part of the school’s Living History Museum.

On Thursday, May 25, the school’s sixth graders dressed like their character complete with props like shields, books, and staffs. In the crowded hallway, museum guests gathered around their favorite exhibits to hear the facts about the different people.

This year-end tradition allowed the students to spend the day sharing information about their famous characters of the past to their classmates, parents, teachers and principals at the school.

The sixth graders remained stationary like statues until museum visitors deposited tickets into their bucket.

Once a ticket is deposited, the “statues” would come to life as the students acted out in monologue form a short skit about their figure.

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