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Bainbridge Class Gets Recycling Honor

The Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority recently honored students from Bainbridge Elementary School with its Junior Master Recycling Certification for its school-wide recycling initiative. LCSWMA representative Allison Vollmer presented the students, in Erin Antrim’s second grade classroom, with a personalized certificate at a special ceremony.

Antrim’s class designed a three-pronged approach to recycling in the cafeteria that included a spill station, plastic bag container, and recycling bins in the food disposal area. They also developed a system to educate their schoolmates on the importance of recycling and to monitor the project to ensure its success. In the week before the launch of their recycling solution the students weighed the lunchtime trash and it consistently weighed above 34 pounds. In the first week of the initiative, the students again weighed the trash and had significantly reduced the weight to under 28 pounds each day.

“It was a privilege to work with Miss Antrim’s second grade class and help the students set up a recycling program in their cafeteria,” said Vollmer. “Each time these students recycle they are helping to protect the environment by removing materials from the waste stream and giving them a second life. LCSWMA is proud to partner with Bainbridge Elementary, and help educate our future recyclers.”

The project was part of a science unit on the environment and recycling that also incorporated communication skills and math knowledge.

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